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Work From Home [40 hours/week or not?]

Is the 40 hour week hour week just not cutting it or do you feel you’ve had enough? Whether you’re due for a vacation or simply want to work from home, passive income is essential to make it happen. Keep in mind that there are a ton of income streams and below are a few tips and strategies that will help you determine if it’s meant for you.

To the common man, work from home refers to working with minimal efforts, not quite! The picture painted is the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs that rake in thousands of dollars while they sleep, but getting there is a result of years of diligence. Keep in mind that the world is a hungry sphere and as a result there are a number of opportunities that may seem attractive, but can turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Residual income is one of the preferred choices for self starters and keeps on working in your favor, once your efforts have been justified. A membership site is an ideal example of a work from home venture and simply is information that is accessible to others for a fee. Wouldn’t you rather pay a few cents for information that’s precise rather than virtual propaganda?

Leveraged income is yet another attribute of passive income and one of the most recommended tips and strategies to start with! We’ve all heard of affiliate and network marketing and the enviable results they bring! Well, in layman’s terms, this type of work from home is done once, meaning that you sculpt the initial venture, only to be sold by others for commission!

Drop shipping is a great entrepreneur opportunity and is a preferred way to work from home. What is drop shipping? Well, it is simply where the products are displayed as samples and catalogues rather than storing them in a warehouse. When a customer’s order comes through, the designated drop shipper ships the product right from the manufacturer’s warehouse. Drop shippers are often retailers, but just about anyone can execute this entrepreneur opportunity, right from the comfort of their home.

In order to start drop shipping, one must have their own website to run the operations instead of a physical shop or office. This is one of the many perks of the business, where no capital is required for wear and tear, rent, equipment and other business liabilities. Drop shipping allows you to focus on the main aspects of your work from homebusiness, other that the day to day responsibilities associated with a traditional venture.

Take things slow while implying all of the above and remember when you choose to work from home, you are building a self made empire.

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