Why Should Your Business be Online?

There is a revolution happening. A revolution in the way we think, talk, shop, live, make money and do business. It is the Internet.

The Internet is a boon for entrepreneurs. It offers opportunities for the small business owners that were unheard of 5-10 years ago.

Obviously, you need a web site right? It is the latest and greatest thing happening in the business world. Why anybody who is anybody has one. You register you domain name, throw up a site and now your with the “in” crowd. It’s back to business as usual. Or are you still at the ” I know I should have one stage but…”

Did you fit in one of the above scenarios or somewhere in between? Are you really using your web site to it’s full potential? Is it that important to be connected?

Many businesses put up a site just to have their business online. They don’t thinking about the potential and impact it can have on their business.

Why Should You Have a Web site? Why should your business be online?

Here are some serious reasons you as an entrepreneur should think about.

  1. It expands the marketplace. Boundaries are nonexistent and less restrictive. Making it easier to reach new customer markets.
  2. Decrease administrative cost compared with managing paper based information.
  3. Lower telecommunication cost. The Internet is more economical than traditional communication channels.
  4. You can test a product for acceptance quicker before launching.(See article about pricing)
  5. Reduce time in building customer and brand awareness.
  6. Increase automation at reduce cost.
  7. You can customize and personalize products and services more economically. You can reduce the need for keeping large inventory on hand.
  8. News Releases and media can be distributed over the Internet quicker and cheaper.
  9. The best one is that the Internet is a great market research tool

Did you know this already? Kudos for you. Why not share how your web site has helped your business.

If not, take another look at your site. Are you using it to it’s full potential? Redesign and market your site with these features in mind. Don’t have your web site yet? How much potential business are you losing. The Internet can be a powerful communication and marketing tool for your business.

Web sites do not have to be flashy to be successful. You don’t  need a lot of money to have a web site and you can even design it yourself and save money. But that’s another article.

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