“Online Marketing” at a glance

A few years ago, mane people would have been hard pressed to understand the term online marketing. Today it has become the cornerstone of any company trading in e-commerce. The importance of an effective marketing strategy cannot be underestimated, and its development and implementation should enjoy high priority. This article will explore some of the key common marketing strategies to follow should you wish to increase your website or blog’s online reputation and ratings.

Firstly, there is no substitute for good, unique and relevant content. This might very well be the most important ofonline marketing strategies of all, as without it your entire site will fall flat. Pages that contain relevant, useful and search engine friendly content will naturally have other sites linking to the content and subsequently improving your search engine ranking. Updating content regularly not only improves Google’s view of your pages, but visitors like fresh content which will lead to more visits which will result in more links and ultimately more traffic to the site.

Network! Getting other high ranking sites linking to yours is one of the most effective ways to get an improved SEO ranking. Take note that emphasis is placed on well respected sites. Merely receiving links from a bunch of mutual link pages won’t mean much for your site ranking. Instead aim for relevant sites which rank well, which is a great online marketing strategy. There are some directories offering free submissions. Although it can be tricky to get links from
high quality sites, it’s not impossible and there are things you can do to make it easier. Once again good content is key. Contacting the site in question’s owner might help the process along, as people are more likely to link back to sites from people they know.

There are many fantastic and free tools you can you can use to analyze the online marketing performance of the site. You will not be able to improve on your site’s ranking if you do not stay up to date with its performance. Various
tools available to you are Google Analytics which reports on important information such as number of page visits and visitors, and helps you gauge the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. Yahoo! Site Manager allows you to gather search engine specific info on each one of yours site’s pages, including the popularity of each of your pages.

After all the effort you go through to optimize your site for SEO purposes, it will all be for absolutely nothing if you decide to employ black hat techniques. You can either decide to go about your SEO marketing in 2 ways; through white hat or black hat techniques. White hat techniques are what we covered in the article so far – all acceptableonline marketing strategies such as creating relevant content and using proper keywords.

Black hat techniques are the complete opposite, and can refer to actions such as keyword stuffing, presenting differing versions of a web page to visitors and to the search engines, among others. Although black hat techniques can at times
provide an artificial climb in website traffic, the site will always be found out and this can lead to severely dropped ratings or even being banned from search engines altogether. It certainly just is not worth it and by far not the wisestonline marketing techniques.

Ultimately no matter what which route you decide on, investing the time and resources in effective online marketing strategies will produce long lasting and lucrative results.

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