Can the “Little Guy” (The Small Online Business) Compete on Line?

Contrary to popular belief, You don’t need millions of dollars to establish a web business. Millions doesn’t even guarantee your online business will be a success. was one of the first Mega Million Dollar sites to file bankruptcy, many more have followed. Lessons learned from

So can the smaller business owner really compete online?

YOU BET!!! The smaller online businesses are giving the big companies a run for their money. They are actually showing profits before most of the bigplayers. In fact, most of the big companies are operating in the red.

The Internet offers vast opportunities and advantages for the small/home based business owner. Think of the Internet in terms of The Wild Wild West. Opportunities were abundant, land was cheap and the laws vague. Who settled the West? Was it The Big Rich Land Owners and Big Businesses? NO. It was the little pioneers in covered wagons taking the chance for an opportunity for a better life,to own land, or just for the adventure. The Internet is the New Frontier, a new territory with no boundaries. It is better than The Wild Wild West. You don’t need to invest in a covered wagon with horses and risk your life.

You can succeed on the Internet if you keep a few things in mind.

The Internet is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick environment. We wish it was but it’s not.

The Web has become an established business tool. An important part of the business world.


What Advantages Do You – The Small Online Business – Have Over The Bigger Web Players?

Your web site cost less to create

Your hosting fees are also less. You can host your site for about $25 a month.

Your start-up capital is minimal. You can show a profit quicker. You don’t need millions of visitors to your site

Your business can start at home and avoid renting an office. This keeps your overhead low.

Your business is listed equally in the search engines.

You register your domain name for the same cost.

You can offer more personalized customer service.

You’re able to change faster and stay on top of e-commerce trends. No bureaucracy to deal with unless you’re schizophrenic.

Niche marketing through email and discussion forums is possible

Less expensive marketing options are available for the smaller online business.

Your site can be updated quicker.

You have flexibility with your operations. You are in control. You can even change your line of business anytime you feel like it. (Something the bigger companies can’t do!)

You don’t need to be an to succeed on the Internet. Your success will depend on patience, discipline and perseverance. In other words, Hard Work. You will need the ability to take advantage of opportunities quickly in this hyper-fast frontier.

There has never been a more exciting time to start your own business, especially an online business.

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